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This Week’s Harvest, 12/2

December 2, 2009

Two lettuces, leeks, black radishes, onions, potatoes, kiwis

Two different lettuces this week (the note says batavia and scarole, but neither of these looks like what I think batavia is) mean more salads.  We still have some cassoulet, which needs a side salad like no other dish.  But tonight we’re mixing it up and making the salad the main attraction.  Using a bit of leftover turkey, some bacon, and shredded cheddar cheese, Nick and I came up with the Club Sandwich Salad!  We are so excited about it that the salad narrowly edged out potato-leek soup for dinner tonight, despite the cold, rainy weather.  I’m sure there are many more soup nights in the near future.

I’ll admit I’ve never really known what to do with black radishes, of which I got a fair number last winter.  Does anyone out there know of something awesome to make with black radishes?

Onions… well, what don’t I make with them?

We got more kiwis, regular sized ones this time, which unfortunately don’t really lend themselves to cooking.  They do make a pretty fruit tart, though, and are excellent sliced over yogurt and granola for breakfast.

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