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This Week’s Harvest, 12/9

December 9, 2009

Patidou squash, mâche, celeriac, carrots, walnuts, shallots

Yay for more winter squash!  This time I got a patidou (which I always want to call paditou), a beautiful, tasty, firm-fleshed squash.  I’ve used it once before, and loved both its gorgeous colors and its rich flavor.  I only wish this one were a little bigger – it’s about the size of a softball – but I’m thinking of sautéeing it with some olive oil and rosemary and tossing it with some pasta.  Bacon might end up in there, too.  A simple mâche salad dressed with a classic vinaigrette (the best vinaigrettes are made with shallots) will be the perfect accompaniment.  I’ve got a bit of a hankering for some nice roasted shallots, too.  If they don’t make it into tonight’s pasta, I may just make them anyway to keep a juicy steak company.

The carrots (well, one of them, anyway) have already joined what’s left of my pickled jalapeños in their brine.  Another one got the Asian treatment: rice vinegar-based brine and a healthy dollop of Thai fried chili paste.  (Thanks to David for the suggestion to “kim-chee” my radishes!)

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the celeriac yet.  I could always make soup or mash again, but maybe this one wants to be roasted.  Or shredded and served with rémoulade.

As for the walnuts, I’m allergic, so I won’t be partaking.  But they’re just in time for the obligatory bowl of in-shell nuts that pop up in so many homes around the holidays.  I mean, who doesn’t appreciate an excuse to bust out the nutcracker?  For those who prefer the cook to do the work (guilty as charged – I’m willing to work hard in the kitchen so I don’t have to at the table) I bet this spiced pecan recipe would be just as good with walnuts.  Walnuts are also great with beets, or simply sprinkled over a green salad.  Or I could bake something. My houseguests this week might enjoy carrot-nut muffins for breakfast… and hey!  I already have carrots!

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  1. December 10, 2009 12:31 pm

    I got 2 patidou, or is that patidoux?


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