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This Week’s Harvest, 1/6

January 6, 2010

cabbage, endives, potatoes, apples, carrots

It snowed today, too – the day I picked up my first panier of the new year.  Something about the new year (or possibly the two-week break from CSA produce) has me full of ideas.  I also feel full of energy, because I got home while it was still light enough to take pictures on the ledge outside my kitchen.  (Note the lovely scaffolding they have put up and NEVER used.  Ahem.  Anyway.)

As soon as I saw the cabbage in my bag I knew I wanted to stuff it, à l’auvergnat.  So I stopped by the butcher on the way home and bought a pound of “chair à saucisse, ” or sausage meat, a mixture of pork and veal.  I planned on serving it with potatoes, probably just quickly sautéed in duck fat, but as I was flipping through one of my Christmas gifts (thanks, Mom!) looking for inspiration for some of the other ingredients, I happened across a recipe for mustard mashed potatoes, and I thought it sounded so good, and so perfect with the pork and cabbage, that it went right on the menu.

But I hope I have some potatoes left over.  I was hit today with a desire to bake some focaccia, which I could top with apples, rosemary and/or sage, and goat cheese.  And I’d like to use some in the oyster chowder I’ve been promising Nick all winter.  Oysters make me think of po’boys, which go great with coleslaw, which is an excellent use for cabbage and carrots.  So that might happen, too.  When I told Nick what we had gotten in the panier today, he immediately suggested corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes.  It looks like we’re set for the weeks of winter produce ahead.

On Saturday, we’re having a friend over for dinner and video games.  This is an occasion that calls for pizza.  Since it’s my house, we’ll be making it, and I’m happy to have endives with which to do so.  Seriously, I “invented” endive pizza last winter, and it made several appearances on my table before the season was over.

Finally, these are the first apples we’ve gotten since Hungry Dog gave me a craving for apple crisp.  Those babies are destined to become dessert.

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