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This Week’s Harvest, 1/20

January 20, 2010

Carrots, apples, endives, celeriac, lentils

Before I even opened my bag this week, I busted out the most brightly colored table covering I own.  Didn’t need it quite so much this week, with the yellow-green endives, red apples, and deep orange carrots, which may be dirty, but smell delightful.

I’ve been looking forward to the lentils ever since I read this recipe for Lentil Hummus on Lady Disdain.  I think it would be great scooped up with endive leaves, carrot sticks, or other crudités.  And look, the recipe even calls for carrot!  Do you sense that I don’t exactly know what to do with a kilo of carrots every other week?  They do play nicely with others, but I guess I don’t make that many carrot-heavy dishes.  Maybe I should get in the habit of making carottes rapées.

The endives I plan on broiling and saucing, à la leeks vinaigrette.  Warm salads are definitely where it’s at these days.  With some leftover chicken and a quick pot of rice, tonight’s dinner is set!

Although I did eat one of them as a photo-session snack, applesauce seems to be the only thing my brain will think of when faced with apples today.

I want to make a gratin out of the celeriac, but I haven’t figured out all the details just yet.  Once I do, I think it will be wonderful next to a juicy pork chop and that warm, fresh applesauce for a homey Sunday dinner.

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  1. February 17, 2010 3:12 pm

    Hello there,

    Its my first visit to your blog and I am really liking it here. Like yourself I try my utmost to cook with the seasons. I used to grow veg on my allotment plot, but due to unforeseen circumstances early in the year, I no longer have an allotment plot. Instead I will be growing some veg in my tiny garden plot.

    You have so many interesting recipes here, some I am sure I will try. Thank you for sharing.

  2. February 17, 2010 8:04 pm

    mangocheeks – Glad to hear it! I think it’s great that you can grow your own vegetables, here in Paris that would be pretty difficult. I do keep a windowbox wih herbs and peppers in the summer, which I really enjoy. Maybe one day I’ll have a real garden! 🙂

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