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Classic Steak Dinner, Apple-Whole Wheat Muffins, and Winter Vegetable Lasagne

February 16, 2010

Steak with red wine onions, mashed potatoes, and mâche-apple salad with bleu cheese dressing

Well, the steak dinner went off without a hitch.  And even inspired a mini-tutorial on mashed potatoes over on Croque-Camille.  We even whipped up a quick bleu cheese dressing with yogurt, buttermilk, shallot, parsley, and fourme d’Ambert.  (Thank you, Immersion Blender!)

Sunny morning muffins

I baked the apple-whole wheat muffins this weekend, and my plan to pulverize the apples with Mr. Immersion Blender (again!  It’s really the only appliance you need) worked perfectly.  I sprinkled the tops of the muffins with sliced almonds before baking, because I’m like that.

Unfortunately, it turns out that spinach and mushroom lasagna made with celeriac “béchamel,” sautéed leeks, and ricotta and mozzarella cheeses is a bit of an ugly duckling of a dish.  On the up side, the flavor is anything by washed out.  Smooth celeriac purée with hints of nutmeg and bay, meaty bites of mushroom, a surprisingly good grocery store ricotta, and chewy melted mozzarella may have looked bland, but together (and separately) they tasted great!  I’m looking forward to finishing off the leftovers tomorrow for Ash Wednesday – I do enjoy the Lenten challenge of experimenting with meatless cooking.

Originally published on Seasonal Market Menus.


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