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This Week’s Harvest, 2/17

February 18, 2010

Mâche, cabbage, carrots, black radishes, red beans, shallots, apples, eggs

When I went to pick up this week’s panier, the lady there said, “Je pense que vous êtes gâtés cette semaine.”  (I think you’ve been spoiled this week.)  Not only did we get five vegetables, apples, and a bag of dried red beans, but the egg delivery has begun!  For about two euros extra per week, I get six organic, free-range eggs with my produce.  This will continue for six weeks, at least.

Those eggs have got me thinking about custards.  My first thought about the apples this time around was “bread pudding.”  (Could have had something to do with the handful of staling bread ends on the counter…)  But I may be changing my mind in the direction of a caramel apple ice cream, since I got an ice cream maker for my birthday and am anxious to give it a whirl (pun intended).

I’ve been hankering for choucroute lately, so the cabbage’s fate is pretty much sealed.  Same for the red beans, upon whose mention Nick asked, “You mean like red beans and rice?”

The mâche and shallots will join forces to make a couple of side salads, shallots being an integral part of vinaigrette.

I never really know what to do with black radishes, but I seem to remember grating them and cooking them into a pancake of sorts a few times last year.  I think the carrots could play nicely in there, too, and of course I’ll need an egg to bind it all together.  Yes, a root vegetable galette is good eating alongside a roast chicken.  Or maybe fried eggs, for breakfast.

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  1. February 18, 2010 7:37 pm

    Last time I cooked cabbage (from the pannier) my apartment stunk pretty bad. I was told to put a small bowl of vinegar near the stove, which supposedly helps. I can’t say for sure, but it’s worth a try!

  2. February 20, 2010 1:05 am

    *Near* the stove? Sounds far-fetched (ha!) but I guess it couldn’t hurt… 🙂

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