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This Week’s Harvest, 3/3

March 3, 2010

Eggs, leeks, apples, topinambours, échalions, mâche, carrots

Nothing new this week.  Carrots, leeks, mâche, apples – all very usual suspects.  The fun stuff this week amounts to the topinambours and échalions (aka gi-normous shallots).  And, of course, the eggs, which we have pretty much decided are so delicious that we can’t do anything with them other than frying, for fear of destroying their lovely balance of flavor and texture.  We may be getting spoiled…

Yup, this egg definitely came from a... bird.

Last time I got Jerusalem artichokes, I made them the star of a hearty winter salad, but I had a few left over.  I made a topinambour-bacon soup, similar to this one.  (I chose to leave mine unpeeled, and that lucky pinch of baking soda had the unfortunate effect of turning the vegetables, as well as the water, a horrible sickly green color.  So be warned.)  The soup was still delicious, though.  A timely reminder of the wonders of miso, and a theory I’m developing that if something is good with bacon, it will also be good with miso, has me thinking I might try a miso-sunchoke soup this week.  I may even let some of the carrots and leeks play along.

For the mâche, I’m interested in trying out Loulou‘s suggestion to make a cream soup.  Apparently we’re on a soup diet  this week.  Or else I’ll blend up a shallot and apple dressing for it and serve it with cheesy toasts on top.

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  1. March 4, 2010 7:13 am

    My favorite use for Jerusalem artichokes, besides soup, is gratins. I made a ridiculously decadent gratin of Yukon gold potatoes, celery root, and Jerusalem artichokes one Thanksgiving.

    I love your miso theory!

  2. March 4, 2010 11:55 am

    That gratin sounds fantastic! As for the miso, I figure if it worked on something I don’t like (or didn’t, I’m coming around) – beets – it should definitely work on something I do like – Jerusalem artichokes.


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