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Soup and More Soup: Miso-Topinambour and Velouté de Mâche

March 8, 2010

So the good news is that my miso theory is proving to be correct.  In addition to it giving soups that special salty umami, it pretty much negates the need for stock!  Not that I am generally in need of vegan recipes, but it helps to be reminded every now and then that meat isn’t the only path to flavor.

A hearty winter soup... and it's vegan?!?

I love how simple soups are – you can whip one up in no time, or let it simmer until you’re ready to eat.  For this one, I scrubbed and sliced my Jerusalem artichokes and started them sautéing in a bit of olive oil in the bottom of my soup pot.  Then I added a couple of sliced leeks, followed by a liter or so of water.  Brought it up to a boil and threw in two peeled, diced potatoes and a giant spoonful of miso paste.  I let it simmer until everything was tender, then took the immersion blender to it.  Nick suggested I top the soup with a handful of croutons, for contrasting crunch as well as photogenicity.

Soup on the brain, I also made “salad soup,” as Nick insists on calling it.  Another simple puréed soup, this time potato, leek, and veal stock-based with a bag of mâche thrown on top once everything else was tender.  Only cooking the mâche for a few minutes helped to preserve its healthy-looking green color, even after I obliterated the leaves.

So green and healthy!

Who wouldn’t feel good (or at least justified in eating two bowls of ice cream in one day) after a couple of vegetable soup dinners?

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