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This Week’s Harvest, 3/10

March 11, 2010

eggs, potatoes, leeks, mâche, onions, apples, carrots

Can I admit that I’m getting a little tired of winter?  Potatoes, leeks, carrots, mâche, and apples are getting a little boring, I’m afraid.  Even the sky is tired of winter – we’ve been getting lots of sun – but somehow the season wins out in the end and it’s still cold and windy down on the ground.  Which naturally brings me to pot pie.

In a search for inspiration, I was flipping through Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home, and came across a recipe for curried vegetable potpies.  Potatoes?  Check.  Carrots?  Check.  Leeks?  Check.  Parsnips?  No such luck, but I’ll substitute apples – curries generally work well with the sweet/savory combination.  I’m no stranger to a nice, meaty potpie, but this vegetarian version intrigues me.  Especially during Lent, when I like to take meatless Fridays as an opportunity to broaden my cooking horizons.  And then, in one of those excellent internet synchronicities, Loulou blogged about a vegetable curry.  I’m taking it as a sign.

I’d also like to take a page from Hungry Dog’s book and get excited about carrots.  Which reminds me, I made an awesome carrot soup a while back.

And Jenni wrote a whole post about meringue, which reminded me of how much I love dacquoise (meringue with nuts folded in, then baked until crispy).  Those eggs won’t know what hit them!

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