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This Week’s Harvest, 11/24

November 24, 2010

spinach, celeriac, potatoes, apples, turnips, leeks, eggs

“It’s heavy this week,” I said when I picked up my bag today.  “Well, there are potatoes, and celeriac,” came the reply from the woman whose restaurant is my vegetable pick up spot.  No kidding.  That celeriac is enormous.  I think I’ll make one of these shredded gratins, incorporating some leeks, too, later in the week.  (I’m joining forces with Hopie for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I think she’s doing something with her celeriac for the meal.  She’s also bringing over her spinach so we can double up on creamed spinach.  Yum.)

Because this is a comfort food assortment if I’ve ever seen one, there will be mashed potatoes, as well.  If not tomorrow, then soon.  Gotta have something to eat with that leftover gravy, right?  And Fergus Henderson has a dreadful-sounding but actually really lovely recipe for a turnip bake that I’d like to bust out with those monster turnips.  And maybe a couple of the apples, too.

The eggs will likely play a role in the brownie-baking extravaganza I have planned for Saturday.

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