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Market Spoils, 5/5

May 6, 2013

It’s May in France, and you know what that means… holidays! As such, we’re not getting any paniers this month, so Nick and I decided to head up to the market yesterday to pick up some local spring produce.

Spring has finally sprung!

We were short on onions and garlic, which was the main reason we were shopping in the first place. That, and the sun was out for a change. Most of the stands at the market only had new garlic, so we got a bulb of that. Nick wanted chives for an herb omelette, and the guy handed them to us explaining that the bulbous purple flower buds were edible, too. Very cool. And the small bunches of young chard looked too good to pass up, so though I have no plan for them, we bought two.

Of course, no trip to the market is complete without a stop at the Ultimate Goat Cheese Guy‘s stand. We grabbed a round of fresh cheese to complement that herby omelette, and a Selles-Sur-Cher for later. Ah, goat cheese season.

I didn’t want to leave without some fruit. A pile of pink rhubarb stalks caught my eye, and I made a plan then and there to bake a pie, using the rhubarb and some of the apples from our fruit bowl (yes, we’re still getting apples).

A bottle of crisp rosé wine rounded out our market bag, and we headed home, soaking up the sun along the way.

Originally published on Seasonal Market Menus.


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