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Winter Whites

January 24, 2013


This week’s panier included parsnips (pictured above, left) which I love and which, when asked, I tend to describe as “kind of like a big, white carrot”.  I realize these are two distinct vegetables, and that your typical parsnip is generally softer and starchier than a carrot.  I still thought it was funny when I found these white carrots (pictured above, right) next to the parsnips in my bag.  I’ve gotten yellow carrots before, and plenty of the regular orange kind, but the white ones are new to me.

Not that I’m worried about what to do with these.  I found a treasure trove of recipes featuring parsnips and carrots on Food & Wine, and I can’t decide whether I want to simply roast them (with mustard or honey) or wait for the weekend and make this biscuit-topped pot pie.  If I decide to go simple, I think a pile of roasted root vegetables can make a complete meal, especially if they’re accompanied by these savory popovers.

White is a pretty common color for vegetables in winter, now that I think about it.  Leeks and endives (both of which which I love broiled and doused in vinaigrette) are mostly white, as is celeriac.  And button mushrooms.  And look!  Here’s a divine-sounding lasagna recipe with three of those four!

Originally published on Seasonal Market Menus.

  1. January 25, 2013 6:51 am

    There is nothing that I love more than a parsnip!

  2. January 25, 2013 2:08 pm

    Tammy – I love them, too!

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